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Submit Your Pictures of Cape Breton  


Please send your Pictures to

(***Please read the fine print below before submitting any pictures.)


How can I send my pictures of Cape Breton to



ZoomFoot - Fast, Free, & Easy way to send photos and large files online. No sign-up Required.

Go to to send your pictures now.


Or you can e-mail your pictures directly to This is fine for sending 1-4 pictures depending on the size of your pictures and your e-mail provider. If you are sending more than 1-4 pictures we suggest using ZoomFoot to send your pictures.


Guidelines for Pictures


-We will only post pictures to that we deem acceptable.

-Do your best to ensure that all pictures are of Cape Breton.

-We are looking for pictures that showcase the beauty of Cape Breton's landscape and landmarks. Any pictures that do so and are of reasonable quality will be published at

-Any information / description about each picture (such as location) is appreciated but not required.


How can you be sure that your pictures have been sent?


If you send your pictures through your e-mail you will receive an auto reply message from Cape Breton Pictures confirming that we received your pictures. If you send your pictures via ZoomFoot you will get a confirmation message from ZoomFoot on your screen immediately after sending your pictures.


The Fine Print:


***By sending pictures to you agree to the following:

-That you are the owner of the pictures that you send to

-You agree to allow Cape Breton Pictures to publish your pictures on

-You realize that your pictures will be published on the internet and are susceptible to theft. The fact is if a picture is published on the internet there is no way to 100% protect your pictures from being copied / downloaded. Cape Breton Pictures will make our best effort to watermark (place every picture published on Cape Breton pictures to discourage the unauthorized use of your pictures.


Please, do not submit any pictures unless you are sure that you are the owner of those pictures.

Cape Breton Pictures will only publish your pictures on

Any personal information (including e-mail addresses) submitted to Cape Breton Pictures will be kept confidential.

If for any reason you would like your pictures removed from please e-mail us (from the same e-mail address that you sent the pictures from) and request that they be removed, and we will do so.


Thank You for Submitting Your Pictures.

We will post your pictures as soon as possible. Be sure to check back and visit or Most Recent Pictures page to see your pictures displayed at Cape Breton Pictures.